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Spring is here

You know golf season has begun when The Masters is on TV. Augusta National GC shows us what we all would like our local course to look like. It's good to dream!
The realities are courses have to be happy with making compromises. Golf courses usually have to live with limitations. All golf courses make punch list of conditions they would like to improve. When time, material and money make it possible, those changes are made. The difference between ordinary courses and Augusta National is Augusta doesn't have to wait!
The debate will always be, what is the priority. Most courses start their priorities with the green complexes and then move backwards toward the tees. Greens first, then fairways, tees binkers, etc. Golfers will always have opinions on what they feel is most important. Sometimes it is based on their last round! The golf course superintendent and manager have to look at both the immediate impact and the long term well being of the course.
So when you get out and play this spring be patient. Not only with your golf game but with the superintendent and his staff. They see the same things you do and most likely even more. They would love to fix it right away but time, material and money usually alter their schedule. It doesn't mean it will never get done but rather all in good time.
Play well and have fun.