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Hole-By-Hole Description

PAR 5 - 525 YARDS

A demanding opening tee shot. Trees line both sides of the fairway with fairway bunkers left and right. A good tee shot will enable you to clear the creek that sits 150 yards from the green. A pond sits on the left side of the fairway in the landing area for those bold enough to attempt to clear the creek. 

PAR 4 - 421 YARDS

This slight dogleg right has water down the right side of the fairway. There is some room left but beware of the large fairway bunker. The green is heavily guarded by bunkers and wetlands.

PAR 3 - 137 YARDS

Golfers will finally get a chance to catch their breath on this short par 3. However, water and a large bunker guard wayward shots to the right. Distance will be important as this green is very long and narrow.

PAR 5 - 537 YARDS

Water and bunkers guard the landing area on the left side of this reachable par 5. The farther you hit to the left (near the water), the shorter the hole will play. The green and second shot landing area is guarded on the right by numerous bunkers and wetlands.

PAR 4 - 424 YARDS

A beautiful dogleg left with trees lining both sides of the fairway. A drive too close to the corner will result with in a difficult second shot with trees in the way. A large two-tiered green creates some fun putts.

PAR 4 - 393 YARDS

Number 6 is a slight dogleg right with trees down the lefthand side and one large tree guarding the right side of the fairway. The approach shot plays uphill to a large green that is guarded on the right by two bunkers and a small pond.

PAR 3 - 200 YARDS

The most difficult of the par 3's. A large kidney shaped, three-tiered green will create some very challenging putts. Bunkers guard both sides of the green and a large pond waits for wayward tee shots to the right.

PAR 4 - 428 YARDS

A straight drive is a must on this long par 4. Large, mature trees surround this beautiful straightaway hole. The green, which is guarded by bunkers to the left and behind, sits in an area surrounded by trees.

PAR 4 - 382 YARDS

A narrow fairway with trees on both sides. The approach shot plays slightly downhill to a three-tiered green that sits in a hollow surrounded by trees.

HOLE #10
PAR 4 - 424 YARDS

The back nine starts with the most beautiful view of the course. The tee sits high above the rest of the course. Three well placed fairway bunkers come into play on the drive as does water. The green is surrounded by trees and bunkers protecting it.

HOLE #11
PAR 5 - 570 YARDS

Water's Edge's signature hole. The Cal Sag Channel runs down the entire left hand side and a large lake runs the length of the hole on the right. Fairway bunkers on the left and right protect the layup area. The water and three more bunkers guard the right side of the green on the approach shot. Only the longest of hitters will have a chance to reach the beautiful hole in two. rounded by trees and bunkers protecting it.

HOLE #12
PAR 3 - 157 YARDS

A downhill par 3 plays a little shorter than the yardages. A large green is surrounded by bunkers. Any shot long is in the trees or the channel.

HOLE #13
PAR 4 - 418 YARDS

Tight par 4 with trees on both sides of the fairway. The second shot plays to an elevated, undulating green.

HOLE #14
PAR 4 - 425 YARDS

A straight, narrow par 4 has trees down the entire left hand side and a marsh area on the right. The green is well protected, with three bunkers guarding the front left.

HOLE #15
PAR 5 - 511 YARDS

A great par 5. Once again the channel is on the left and two well placed fairway bunkers guard the right. A good tee shot will enable long hitters to go for the green in two. The green sits amid tall trees and is guarded by bunkers on the right.

HOLE #16
PAR 3 - 154 YARDS

Pretty straightforward par 3 that plays slightly uphill. The large undulating green is protected by three bunkers to the front right of the green.

HOLE #17
PAR 4 - 403 YARDS

This straight hole is fairly open off the tee. Fairway bunkers guard the left of the fairway and water will catch balls that are hit well to the right. A big two-tiered green with traps to the right.

HOLE #18
PAR 4 - 395 YARDS

A great finishing hole. Water is on the entire right side of the hole, while bunkers and trees guard the left side of the fairway. A straight drive is a must in order to have a shot at the green which is protected by a pond on the right and bunkers on the left.